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02 June 2010 @ 05:24 pm
fic list (sorted by pairing) -- testing  
Well, as most of you probably know by now, I've written a lot of fics...for a number of pairings. Okay, four max, i think. And while I find it easy to navigate around the regular fic list that goes by chronological listing of each fic I write, I'm sure others don't. 

So here's a pairing-orientated fic list (aka, sorted by pairing). And a description of what that pairing means to me, etc. fics aren't listed in any particular order, and lol, definitely aren't listed by the date they were written. Only, it goes: drabble first, one-shot next and multi-chapters last. Fics with a '{ ♥ }' next to them are ones I recommend for new readers of my fics, mostly because they're more recent and at times, i hang my head in shame at what i wrote two years ago XD

{ RyoKame ♥ }

Nishikido Ryo x Kamenashi Kazuya;
This pairing is, by far, my favourite pairing ever. You may even call it my OTP, because I definitely do more with them than any other pairing I've written; I'm more daring with ryokame, and writing fics with them are always enjoyable. Well, fic-writing is always enjoyable, but for RyoKame, I can write 5 long scenes in a row and not feel like I should take a break. They're definitely my favourite pairing ever. But of course, if you look at my biases, it makes total sense; Kame is my #1 guy, and Ryo my #2 guy; it makes total sense that it would be my favourite pairing.  And why else for RyoKame, you may ask? I know it's not a very common pairing, but in my opinion, it's one of the hottest. Let's not forget that memorable crosstalk interview; I mean, honestly. They remind me of an old couple, the way they banter; or the way Kame says something and Ryo makes a retort. And how Ryo got slightly embarassed a few times. XD To me, you have to be pretty comfortable with the person to do that...but even if not, because well, it's Ryo, and we all know about that tongue of his oh yes, we all know XD, I've always had a fondness for the 'giving-the-one-you-like-a-hard-time' sort of relationship that seems pretty typical of Ryo's character XD And guess who he picked on in this interview? XD And if anyone read the interview...remember who said that he only insulted a certain person because he had love for him, hmm? And...yeah...various other moments like this is what builds up my love for RyoKame. Not to mention that they look totally good in the few pictures they have together; well, maybe that's just me. But their lack of actual fanservice is what makes me love them; I mean, sure, I'd love it if they were in more photoshoots together, but I love the subtleness in their friendship; it's one of the few that JE hasn't tried to exploit. You can see them randomly mentioning they went to dinner with the other, but nothing like hip thrusts and almost kissing and all that; that would be hot, but that would also be pretty fake. I like how, well, natural hints of their friendship are.

Okay, I'm done pimping out my favourite pairing. I'll shut up now.
Plus, their lack of blatant fanservice is what makes them so loveable; a hint here, a hint there, and I'm on cloud nine. ♥ And


[drabble] Sleep

Summary: Kame can't sleep, and Ryo tries to stay up with him.
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Date completed: November 3, 2008

---> link: Sleep

[drabble] Time

Summary: Kazuya doesn't mind behind left behind, because this is Ryo's special and only way of telling Kazuya 'I love you'.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: none
Date completed: January 24, 2008

---> link: Time

[drabble] Mi Amor

Summary: Vampire!Kame x incubus!Ryo. He moved forward, toward the other man, as he put a hand on the man’s jaw, tracing one blood stained finger along the jaw line, “You won’t go wrong with me, mi amor’".
Rating: PG-15/16 (not quite NC-17, but not quite PG-13 either?)
Warnings: vampire!kame; Ryo as a sex demon; heavy making out. Casual mention of death.
Date completed: May 27, 2010

---> link: Mi Amor

[one-shot] Catch Me When I Fall         { }

Summary: There are many things they'd do for each other. In the end, through all the hardships, all that matters is that their feelings remain the same.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: none...i think...
Date completed: May 4, 2009
Note: slight akame at the beginning

---> link(s): Catch Me When I Fall: part 1 | part 2 | part 3

[one-shot] Castles in the Sky               { }

Summary: lord!kame x servant/butler!ryo. Society would never allow them to be with each other, but they were too important to each other to let go of their feelings. No matter what stood in their way, they would always find their way back to each other.
Rating: PG-13/PG-15
Warnings: none...
Date completed: not yet completed. Part 2 (final part) coming up.
Note: Because of the sheer length of this fic (and because it's supposed to be a birthday present for a friend), I went and posted the first part. The second part, or 'stage' as I call it, is currently being written and hopefully will be finished as well.

---> link(s): Castles in the Sky: Stage 1 --- part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5

[one-shot] Guilty Pleasure                  { }

Summary: It was probably very wrong to fall in love with the brother of the man whose death you felt responsible for. It was also probably wrong to sleep with him for months before you fell in love. It was probably very wrong to love him when he probably blames you for his brother's death, but Ryo couldn't help it; he couldn't help but fall in love with Kamenashi Kazuya, no matter how wrong it was.
Rating: PG-15
Warnings: grief
Date completed: November 10, 2009

---> links:   Guilty Pleasure: part 1 | part 2 | part 3

[one-shot] Broken

Summary: Asou remembers Yuuki - Yuuki who barged into Asou's life when he needed it most, and Asou was there when Yuuki needed it most. Yes, Asou remembers Yuuki. And that's why it hurts so much to attend his funeral.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings:  death, sickness, grief.
Date completed: January 13, 2008

note: there is a crack fic based on this...but as there are many pairings, and very little of it ryokame, you can find it in the 'assorted pairings' section down below.

---> links: Broken |

[one-shot] The Best Secret

Summary: Keeping the secret of their relationship together is worth it in the end, because they never fail to be back in each other's arms, where they belong.
Rating: PG/PG-13
Warnings: none
Date completed: January 25, 2008
Note: This was written in a time when i was just beginning to discover/realize I liked ryokame, so my concept of them was still developing. It's actually kind of strange reading ones this far back; it almost doesn't feel like my own writing, especially compared to the way I write now! XD But lol, this would give you one of the glimpses into my earlier fascination for this pairing.

---> link: The Best Secret

[one-shot] Ryo's Midnight Wanderings

Summary: Ryo sneaks out to find something he lost, and Kame follows. Then they both take a little tumble down a hill...
Rating: PG/PG-13
Warnings: none
Date completed: June 26, 2008
Note: Again, very early ryokame for me. ^_^;; It always surprises me how sugary this one is. XD It's like you couldn't get it any fluffier if you had formed the characters out of cotton candy and fluffy pink clouds. XD Actually, that's a slightly disturbing thought. Ryo and Kame made of fluffy sweet things would get devoured by fan girls. XD

---> link: Ryo's Midnight Wanderings

[one-shot] Only You

Summary: Most of their friends don't approve of their relationship and Kame is upset. Getting together after a sudden break-up with Jin might have seem like a mistake to everyone else, but Kame knows that it's Ryo that he loves, Ryo who loves him back.
Rating: PG/PG-13
Warnings: none
Date completed: November 2, 2008
Note: the difference in level of fluffiness in my earlier stuff and my more recent stuff astounds me. Not only with ryokame, but with all pairings that I've written. Maybe I wrote too much fluff and that's why I turned to angst and now really love angst and heartbreak for what it does to my aching heart? XD

---> link: Only You

[one-shot] Happily Ever After
               { }

Summary: After being forced to play a game at Ryo's birthday, Ryo and Kame decide to have a little fun as they tell horror stories to the others, starring...everyone. Ryo and Kame share a true love's kiss, Jin is Rapunzel locked up in a tower, Ueda is a fairy, Pi is Cinderella and Junno is a puppy prince.
Rating: PG/PG-13
Warnings: crack? XD pretty much nothing but crack and parodies? XD
Date completed: November 3, 2008
Note: now, this seems more like my recent work. XD I can actually recognize this as mine now. XD 

---> link: Happily Ever After

[multi-chapter] When Doves Cry

Summary: Nishikido Ryo was stood up on his wedding by his bride when she fell in love with a man who saved her in the street, Kamenashi Kazuya. Thus he hates the man. However, one day he runs into Kazuya and upon finding out what happened, Kazuya feels guilty and decides to help Ryo out...and what better way to get back at his former fiancee as well as make her jealous but by being with the one she dumped him for in the first place...But neither never meant to fall in love...
Rating: PG-13/PG-15 (in the future)
Warnings: none
Date started: January 30, 2008
Date completed: ongoing

---> link:   When Doves Cry: Prologue | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 |

[multi-chapter] In The Moonlight

Summary: cowritten with camui_eiri . After an accident that left him unable to walk, Kanzaki Hiroto sank so deep in his depression that he became numb to all emotions. But, a meeting with a snarky, cold medical student named Nishikido Ryo sparks something in him that makes him feel again; feelings of anger, hurt, and maybe...love...
Rating: PG-13/PG-15
Warnings: disability, depression
Date started: March 27, 2008
Date completed: ongoing// on hold

---> link:   In the Moonlight: Prologue |

And that would be it for RyoKame. Well, until I write more, which I assure you, I am constantly doing. XD


{ KameUchi }

Kamenashi Kazuya x Uchi Hiroki
This pairing is awesome, okay?! XD Not only are both of them so adorable, they have good chemistry. The fact that Uchi is my #3 favourite guy probably plays into that perception. They look good together, and my, all the moments in Yamanade were so well-done. And let's not forget their junior days, wherein Uchi was pouting on Shounen Club because he felt neglected because Kame hadn't called him cute lately XD And Kame was pouting because Uchi changed his number and didn't tell him XD oh my boys, so cute and dorky. And of course, by the end, they had made up and Uchi promised to give Kame his number XD personally, i think it was all just a ploy for Kame to get Uchi's number, not that I blame him. XD Yamanade gave us a lot of KameUchi; my favourite one is the fact that Uchi tagged along with Kame to Kame's parents' place on new years, and sat inside eating while Kame went to play with his niece. XD Found that totally adorable and to me, it suggests that he's not uncomfortable with Kame's family, which suggests familiarity.

Sadly, I have only written one fic with KameUchi. m(_ _)m All I can offer you is this drabble.


[drabble] Pasta

Summary: possessive!kame, tease!Uchi, a lot of um....sultriness. Kame knows that Uchi is his, and Uchi can't resist the taste of Kame's pasta - or maybe it's the taste of Kame he can't resist.
Rating: PG-13/PG-15
Warnings: teasing, subtle inferences.
Date completed: April 11, 2010
Note: My first and only KameUchi fic, but i swear, i will write more. XD

---> link:   Pasta


And that's it for KameUchi. I will write more though...once i get some ideas XD


{ PiKame }

Yamashita Tomohisa x Kamenashi Kazuya;
This pairing has always been a source of interest for me. Those who know anything about these two know that they didn't used to get along; in an interview at some point, Kame even said that he and Yamapi had had a fight in a park (or something along those lines, don't remember the exact words). So, this pairing, fueled by the amazing Nobuta wo Produce, where you see Yamapi's character all over Kame, is very awesome to me XD Pi is also my #4 favourite guy, so that makes it pretty awesome. I don't know if i still have it, but I do have this video, during NwP promotions, where I'm pretty sure Yamapi kinda swiped at Kame's butt XD and Kame pretty much just jumped and went all embarassed, going: 'Oi!'. Of course, Pi was completely unabashed. XD


[one-shot] Intention

Summary: Kame is a lawyer and Yamapi calls him a lawyer with "no ambition". But when Yamapi gets into a bit of trouble, Kame's the only one he can turn to. But as Pi depends more and more on Kame during all this, he begins to sees a side to Kame he never thought existed. A side that he likes.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: none. Well, I'm not studying law. I don't know if the legal stuff is completely 100% correct, and I don't know Japanese law at all.
Date completed: January 1, 2009

---> link:   Intention: part 1 | part 2

[one-shot] In The Rain

Summary: Jin played a thoughtless trick on Kame to make Kame realize how much he needs Jin, but it backfires on him when Yamapi helps and comforts Kame. When you can't trust the person you trust the most, you can only trust the one person who helps you. And maybe, just maybe, it's the start of something new, and something special.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: none
Date completed: January 19, 2008
Note: my first pikame fic, apparently. XD That, of course, does not count all those pikame friendship moments I put in Pauper Prince[ss] before I wrote this.

---> link:    In The Rain | Sequel

[one-shot] Borrowing

Summary: It's not stealing kisses, it's borrowing with the intention of returning them.